best in class

The Best in Class filter is used to tag and recognize products that are the top of the class they are in. This is a broad way of saying this product is excellent if not exceptional for its intended use in its respected given price range.  For example, we tag a Colt LE6920 as best in class, what we mean by this designation is that the Colt LE6920 performs as one of the best AR-15 rifles in the $700-$1,000 price range.  

Similarly, an ATI Omni Hybrid AR-15 rifle may also be tagged as best in class. This designation just indicates that the given price range of the ATI Omni Hybrid (around $400), outperforms other similarly priced rifles. It is important to note, that the best in class designation always takes price and value into account when we determine if the product is worthy to be honored best in class and just because both the Colt and the ATI are tagged "best in class", does not mean they are equal in quality.

In the end, you can have peace of mind knowing if you are buying a product from us tagged as best in class, you are receiving an excellent and exceptional product. Our professional staff have done the research and deemed these products worthy of best in class, and we stand behind our designations.