FFL Locator FAQ

Our FFL Locator tool can be used to locate a FFL dealer near you.  You can browse the locator tool on our home page for reference only and you will make your actual FFL selection on the checkout page.

All firearms and class 3 nfa items must be shipped to federally licenced dealer commonly referred to as an FFL.  Your FFL dealer will receive your shipment from us and you will go there to complete the transfer. Your dealer will facilitate any necessary legal background checks and or ATF paperwork which will legally enable you to take possession of your item(s).  Your FFL will usually charge a transfer fee of $35 to perform this service.

Per ATF law, we must have a copy of your dealers FFL on file before we can send out your firearm.   This document can be emailed, faxed, or physically mailed to us. We electronically accept only .JPG, .PNG, or .PDF file formats.  Once we have this document stored in our database we can legally ship your firearm. At this time, your dealer will be listed in green as an approved On File dealer on our website.  From then on, we can ship that dealer firearms without needing to shuffle FFL paperwork back and forth again.

It is your responsibility to instruct your dealer to send us a copy of there FFL documentation.  If you or your dealer would like Mr Gun Dealer to initiate the request for the FFL file, we are happy to accommodate however you must please call us and instruct us to do that.  Please make certain they include your name and order number so we can properly match it to your order.  Failure to have this document sent to us will delay your shipment.  Please have them send the document by one of the following:

Email: sales@mrgundealer.com


Fax:  616-604-4148


Mail:   Mr Gun Dealer
        3108 28th St SE STE B
        Grand Rapids MI 49512


In is always your responsibility to make certain your dealer will accept transfers on your behalf.  Even if your dealer is listed as approved and On File, it is oftentimes a good idea to alert your dealer you have a firearm on the way to them from Mr Gun Dealer.