home defense firearms

We specialize in a variety of home defense firearms because we know that home defense is vital to not only protecting ones self but ones loved ones and property. Their are many options that are on the table from a number of excellent manufacturers such as Glock, HK, Kel Tec etc...

Nevertheless, on thing is certain, no matter which firearm suits you, we believe one thing holds true for all good home defense guns and that is the ability to mount a firearm light is a definite necessity.  Most new pistols and long guns such as the iconic AR-15 sold today have rails that have the ability to mount a firearm light and other accessories. The need for a firearm light for example, is vital to any good home defense. It has been said that most home defense encounters where a firearm was needed occurred at night, having the ability to see without wasting time "fumbling" for the light switches is the difference between life and death for ones self and ones loved ones.

Feel free to browse our selection of home defense firearms and do not hesitate to reach out to our team of experts for advice on how to better protect ones self and family for the unknown.

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