Payment methods

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Mail a check (cash price)
  • Gift Card (cash price)
  • Credit/Debit Card (3% upcharge)

Mail a Check / Money Order  

Please make checks payable to: Mr Gun Dealer

Please mail checks to:

Mr Gun Dealer
3108 28th St SE STE B
Grand Rapids MI 49512

Pricing and stock availability are not guaranteed until we physically receive the check. We encourage the use of our credit/debit card option as those will reserve your items immediately. If your item has become unavailable at the time we receive your check, we will not deposit the check and it will be mailed back to you. When we do receive your mailed check we will email you confirming we have it. Please mail checks within 48 hours of placing your order.

Gift Cards 

Coming soon!


Credit/Debit Cards 

Use of a credit or debit card will incur an additional fee of 3% of your order total.  This fee goes to offset the fees that are associated with processing credit cards. We strive to give our customers the lowest pricing possible which is why we charge this fee.  If we built this fee into our listed prices like many other online stores do, then all the cash/check customers out there end up overpaying.

Notes on check payment hold times

  • Mailed Personal Check: Held 10 business days       
  • Mailed Business Check: Held 10 business days         
  • Mailed Bank Checks: Held for 5 business days
  • Mailed Postal Money Order: Clears immediately