Shipping Info

Shipping rates:

All firearms ship free.

All class 3 NFA items ship free.

Accessories, ammo, and optics ship for the flat rate of $11.99 per order.  Said another way, it does not matter if you have 1 single accessory/ammo/optic on your order or 1 million of them, the entire order will ship for the one flat rate of $11.99.

Shipping times:

All shipping times are listed on each product page.  In order for this indicated time to be accurate, we must have proper, legal shipping information as well as cleared payment at the time your order is placed.  This means that for the indicated ship time to be accurate, you must select an on file FFL during checkout if you are purchasing a firearm.  If we do not have cleared payment and or proper shipping information, your order may be delayed and not ship out in the time indicated.

Other info:

All packages are shipped using UPS, FedEx or US Mail.

You will receive a tracking email when your order ships.

Ships by times are indicated on the product page.

In-store pickup orders are ready for pickup within 1 to 7 business days.