kel-tec pmr30 pmr30bblk 22 mag pistol 640832002676
Factory New
manufacturer: keltec
model: pmr30
Caliber: 22 mag
Mfg Part: PMR30BBLK
UPC: 640832002676
Best in Class: YES
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Product Information kel-tec pmr30 pmr30bblk 22 mag pistol 640832002676

Product Description

The PMR-30 with part number PMR30BBLK is featured in black, holds 30 rounds of 22 Winchester magnum, and has an unloaded weight of only 14 ounces.  The pistol ships in a hard sided plastic case with two 30rd magazines and the product manual.

The PMR-30 handgun series comes in a variety of colors including black, od green, flat dark earth, navy blue, tan, burnt bronze, and sniper gray.   There is one and only one variant to the pistol where as all pistols feature a striker fired trigger, fiber optic sights, and a frame mounted safety.  The PMR-30 is notoriously hard to find in retail locations nation wide as the demand is through the roof on these guns.  The PMR series is an outstanding value and fun shooting gun and is a tremendous addition to any firearm collection.

Manufacture Location U.S.A.
Manufacturer Part PMR30BBLK
UPC 640832002676
Slide material Steel
Frame material Polymer
Color Black
Magazine capacity 30
Safety Manual
Manufacturer Kel Tec
Action Semi Automatic
Caliber 22 Win Mag
Also called PMR, PMR30, PMR 30


Highlighted Features

  • Extremely lightweight (14 oz)
  • Striker fired trigger
  • Fiber optic sights
  • 30 round magazines

KelTec Firearms & Accessories

Founded in 1995, KelTec creates high-powered and performance-based firearms that specialize in designs that are as innovative as they are durable. KelTec are pioneers in concealed carry handguns with their P11 model. Today, KelTec are one of the top handgun manufacturers in America and a giant in the field of handguns around the world, with demand for their firearms not looking to cease any time soon.     
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By Capt Dave on December 8, 2018
Excellent Value... just ran 250 rounds at the range of various manufactures and all ran flawless. Very accurate, nice trigger and my wife loved it also... what more can one ask? I need another now, mine might be my wife's favorite pistol to shoot. Read more
By Corey A on February 9, 2019
The pmr I purchased from mr gun dealer is flawless. They shipped my order to my ffl dealer within 2 hours of me clicking submit order. 30 rounds of 22 mag is quite fun to shoot out of this little pistol. Kel Tec does a cool job of making guns different and special and the pmr-30 is a perfect example of the beautiful weapons kel tec produces. Read more
By wolf on February 9, 2019
very happy with mgd they did a good job with me as a customer, will buy again!!!!! thanks guys Read more
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