kel-tec cmr-30 cmr30blk 22 mag rifle 640832004618
Factory New
manufacturer: keltec
model: cmr-30
Caliber: 22 mag
Mfg Part: CMR30BLK
UPC: 640832004618
Best in Class: YES
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Product Information kel-tec cmr-30 cmr30blk 22 mag rifle 640832004618 Kel-Tec CMR-30 Carbine Semi-automatic 22WMR 16 in Barrel Black Finish Synthetic Stock 30Rd CMR30BLK

KelTec Firearms & Accessories

Founded in 1995, KelTec creates high-powered and performance-based firearms that specialize in designs that are as innovative as they are durable. KelTec are pioneers in concealed carry handguns with their P11 model. Today, KelTec are one of the top handgun manufacturers in America and a giant in the field of handguns around the world, with demand for their firearms not looking to cease any time soon.     
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By Bud on October 31, 2018
There is nothing more fun than having 30 rounds of 22 mag at your ready and paired with a PMR30 it is awesome. I use mine for hog hunting and was laughed at until putting down 2 100+ lbs. hogs in less than 2 minutes. It is all about shot placement and this baby does that very well. It also make a fine bug out weapon for those who are not strong enough to carry a AR15, my wife loves it. Read more
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