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sb tactical sba3 sba302sb pistol brace 699618782288

Factory New
manufacturer: sb tactical
Mfg Part: SBA3-02-SB
UPC: 699618782462
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Product Information sb tactical sba3 sba302sb pistol brace 699618782288 SB Tactical SBA3 Stabilizing Brace 4 Position Adjustable Includes 6 Position Carbine Receiver Extension Flat Dark Earth Finish SBA3-02-SB
SB Tactical Gun Accessories The original home of the Pistol Stabilizing Brase, SB Tactical has remained committed throughout the years to providing gun users with what they need. By transforming what a PDW Pistol could be, they have transformed the industry and have helped their customers overcome a wide range of obstacles thanks to well-engineered and meticulously crafted solutions. From their humble beginnings in military service to their originating of the Pistol Stabilizing Brace, SB Tactical continue to innovate and aid in protecting and preserving the core tenets of the second amendment.
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